Alberto Remondini (Udine, September 4, 1978) is a disc jockey and an Italian radio conductor.



Alberto Remondini is born in Udine, class 1978, and his disc-jockey career begins at the age of 15: his first working experiences take place through private parties in which he performs, obtaining greater demand for his high selection of records. At the age of 19 he joins the D.P.M Industry of Alberto Zambrini. Here he works as sound engineer, designer and installer of audio / video equipment for Bose and JB System, and as DJ. It is from here that successive experiences begin in the big local venues and in events such as the SIB of Rimini or the Forum in Rome. He later performed in famous venues such as Palalottomatica, Piper, Energy Disco (Ciampino), Iceberg, Cyborg (Attigliano), Hollywood (Anguillara Sabbazia), Planet Hollywood (of Rome), Veleno, Vamp, Tibidabo (Ostia) , Kaos, Margo and many other locations.
At the age of 20, he begins his radio career, working with the Megamix who animated the night in the world of Mondoradio Centro Italia. In 2002, as a speaker and disc-jockey develops its first program called Punto Com aired all afternoons from 15 to 17 on Mondoradio Centro Italia. In the same year, together with Andrea Guccini and Roberto Pagliarini, a recording studio is inaugurated and he produces some remixes and record projects with the collaboration of national and international djs and renowned artists. Between 2002 and 2003 he is involved in the Radio Circuit Radio project. Always in 2003, he joins the staff of m2o (Italian national radio).
In addition to visibility through m2o and thanks to various initiatives by the broadcaster, such as compilations and events, he is also noted in the record industry.
In 2005, together with Sergio Sygma, he creates the Rhythmix project and produces the remix of Electrica Salsa, a historical record of Sven Väth, ranking first in the Out of Mind Chart chart for over 5 weeks. Again in the same year, Not Connected entrusts the remix of the song In my room, printed on F.M.A. At the beginning of 2006 he makes a new remix on MDV Records. This is the project Spikee feat. Deborah with the song Move the crowd. He is also present in the Out of Mind Chart. Next he produces with Stefano di Carlo the official remix of 2006 of Land of Oz – Goblin on the historical record label Synthetic. In the queue of this last remix, he immediately adds another: Xo – Eternity included in some Dance Compilation.
In October 2006, he finally releases his single The Way in the compilation of m2o radio Vol.13 and Dj Selection 115 (Dance Invasion 32): first in the charts for two consecutive weeks.
In the month of January 2007, his 90th compilation dance was released. It is called 90 / H Dance Classics, produced by Logo Record and distributed throughout Italy in all playable formats from Self. Between February and March 2007, the Dancefloor remix, belonging to the Dreamers project, and a dance mix in collaboration with the Gemini Station, entitled Waiting for the night, are still under development. Both projects are produced for the Bit Record.
In April 2007, he takes a look at Italian pop music and begins to work with Flender Entertainment, a new record label that focuses on the enormous potential of the network.
He realizes the remix of My Space, a track that marks the return to the Italian record market of Alina, the youngest singer who started at the Sanremo Festival for only 12 years. The song receives a huge positive feedback and it’s included in the “45 rounds supers single” published in collaboration with by Flender / Apbeat. The present and future commitments taken with Alina not only concern the record, but they also cover the social theme of the fight against saturdays carnages: a dj and a singer make a testimonial (along with many other artists) for a social campaign Aimed at all those who drive and especially to young people.
Meanwhile, another important recording collaboration has been created with artist / singer Paolo Brambilla alias Alter Eco. With this nice character he finalizes an ambitious musical project that focuses attention on the fight against AIDS in Zambia. The production also includes a music video of the track, which involves, in addition to the singer and dj, prominent figures such as Federica Ferrero, Antonio de Marchis, Miss Val D’Aosta 2006 Elanne Vallet and many more. Between May and June 2007 he realizes the remix of the song Gimme Fantasy by Gianni Coletti printed on cd and produced by the prestigious label M.O.D.A. Between September 2007 and March 2008 he is again on the market with the second volume of the 90 / H Dance Classics, he remixes of Alina’s Perfect Butterfly song and the official remix of the Topazz – New Millennium track record ever on M.O.D.A. In summer 2008 he produces the dance song I Can not Stay Along With Luca Zeta.
At the beginning of 2009 he wins Radiogatto’09 as the best radio technician. In the same period a new adventure begins: he’s the second radio director for the Trio Medusa, on air on Radio Deejay. New record projects are in progress, including that with his faithful singer Kim who follows him around the world animating all his live performances, energecally and energetically. From 2003 to 2014, he mixes on m2o in programs susch as Shut up, Movie in Black, Chemical lab ‘Tribe’ and Dual Core. From 2011 to 2014 he is on air every afternoon from 5pm to 6pm Monday to Friday on m2o with the ‘Dual Core’ along with Dino Brown’s voice, which is also aired on Saturday morning from 10am to 12am with “GLOGLOGLO “Always on m2o.
In April of 2014 he releases his single “Maurice Criola” with “Smack This Bitch Up” released on the label “Dance & Love” by DJ Gabry Ponte.
In the 2014/15 season, the new RadioShow “CONTROTENDANCE” is held together with Dino Brown from Monday to Friday from 17 to 18, with which it will continue to air on Saturday morning from 10 to 12 with “GLOGLOGLO”. In the afternoon of On Saturday and Sunday, along with Dino Brown, Dual Core will be playing from 17 to 18.
In the Season 2014/15, a new radio adventure starts with the Controtendance program, always conducted by Dino Brown, aired from 5pm to 6pm Monday to Friday.
During the 2015, there are several singles for foreign and Italian labels:
Alberto Remondini & Sergio Rossi – Startrack
Alberto Remondini & 2SOULS VS D. Brown – Nothing I Can Do (Official Video Lyrics)
Alberto Remondini & 2SOULS Ft. Mlln Lves – We Are Heroes
Alberto Remondini & 2Souls – I’m Doping FreeThis last track is also presented on Italian National Channel 5 in a program called Striscia La Notizia as part of a fundraising project for the Research and Care of Spinal lesions to which the Association is also linked. “I am doping free “By the great olympic swimmer Filippo Magnini (who deals with the fight against Doping in Sports).
During the 2016 he mixes also the Third Cd (Red) of the New Compilation of m2o radio called ‘m2o Music Experience’ Vol I (3 CDs – 54 Songs) – Sony-.
In the radio season 2015/16 he is always aired on m2o Radio with ‘Controtendance’ from 14 to 16 from Monday to Friday.
For the Summer 2016 he presents his new single with Alberto Vega “Right for you” and mixes also the Third Cd (Red) of the New Compilation of m2o called ‘m2o Summer Experience’ Vol I (3 CDs – 54 Songs) – Sony -. At the end of 2016 he mixes the Third Cd (Red) of the New Compilation ‘m2o Winter Experience’ whose release dates back to the beginning of December 2016 and always on the Sony label. Currently he is aired on m2o Radio with ‘Controtendance’ from 16 to 18 from Monday to Friday.



  • ARA – Gamera
  • Rhythmix – Electrica Salsa (Remondini Rmx)
  • Not Connected – In my room (Remondini Rmx)
  • Spikee feat. Deborah – Move the Crowd (Remondini Rmx)
  • Land of Oz – Goblin (Remondini & Stefano di Carlo 06 Rmx)
  • Xo – Eternity (Remondini Rmx)
  • Remondini – The Way
  • The Dreamers – Dancefloor (Remondini Remix)
  • Remondini & Gemini Station – Waiting For The Night
  • Alina – Il mio spazio (Remondini Rmx)
  • Gianni Coletti – Gimme Fantasy 2007 (Remondini Rmx)
  • Alina – Perfect Butterfly (Remondini Rmx)
  • Topazz – New Millenium 2008 (Remondini Rmx)
  • Remondini&Luca Zeta – “I Can’t stay”
  • Compilation: 90/H Dance Classics
  • Compilation: 90/H Dance Classics volume 2
  • Compilation: 90/H Dance Classics volume 3
  • Remondini & Peroni – We Need Freedom (Re-Work)
  • Alberto Remondini Feat. Criola – Smack This Bitch Up
  • Alberto Remondini & Sergio Rossi – Startrack
  • Alberto Remondini & 2SOULS VS D. Brown – Nothing I Can Do (Official Video Lyrics)
  • Alberto Remondini & 2SOULS Ft. Mlln Lves – We Are Heroes
  • Alberto Remondini & 2Souls – I am Doping Free
  • Compilation m2o Music Experience Vol I
  • Compilation m2o Summer Experience Vol I
  • Alberto Remondini & Alberto Vega – Right for you
  • Compilation m2o Winter Experience Vol I
  • Alberto Remondini,Botteghi & Barletta – Ex
  • Compilation m2o Dance Experience
Alberto Remondini
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